What is Como?


Since we started this project, we have been getting bombarded with questions from our curious fans asking, “What is Como?”

This is by no means a simple inquiry. If you’re one of those people pondering the meaning of Como before bed every night, let us be the ones to tell you that maybe you’re asking yourself the wrong question.

Why presume it to be a thing by asking ‘what’? To do so would ultimately limit the direction and thus its all-encompassing meaning. Como could be a ‘who’ or even a ‘where’. It may be used as a noun, a verb, and to those willing to stretch the boundaries: an adjective. Como is the satisfaction felt after catching that girl looking your way, only to deny her even a quick glance as you swiftly convince the salesman to give you a better deal on those prints. Prints of what? Why are you even asking?

The right question just might be, “How does one obtain Como?” The answer to this question is easy; you never do, but you can get close. Como is the urge to tune out the noise in your life and let your mind wander freely, as well as the inevitable understanding that comes as a result of doing so.

Como lets you laugh at the ridiculous normalcies in life that have since gone by unnoticed.  Como allows you to contemplate your deepest thoughts out loud without care or consideration that others are within ears’ distance.  Como will make you the man who has no issue orchestrating a last minute orgy, if you were to feel so inclined.

Sometimes, even we don’t know what we’re searching for, but we still do, and that’s the point.

I’m afraid we cannot say much more on the matter due to the nature of Como, but I implore you to tune into our show or read some of our writings to find out more. You might have some of your questions answered, but if not here, then later…



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