PODCAST Episode 24 – “It’s a Big Day”

Season 3, here we are. Matt and TJ meet up in Como’s newly acquired, second podcast studio to record this opener. Matt samples pretzels with the Amish, TJ can’t remember anyone’s name, and Mike’s busy celebrating his birthday in India.

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Check out the accompanying videos and links to get slammed with some more knowledge:

Anyone who listens to our podcast likes getting lectured, so check this one out!

One of the many Amish girls who was getting aroused by the “white men” who were watching her perform her trade.

Corporate Cream

Cream – 1. The least offensive and calming color next to white that corporations use to decorate everything in order to keep it from being too bland 2. The result of letting a horribly uninteresting person decide what to paint every surface of an office

For the past few weeks, I have been immersed in corporate culture at a very large firm as a very lowly intern. The work itself is great, and I enjoy it, but it’s the setting that propels me to write some color commentary. Walking into this high rise every day is like leaving Earth for some hyper reality where all surfaces are white or some variation of cream and everyone dresses alike, looking as though they are talking to themselves while walking down the hallway with the smallest and latest Bluetooth headset seemingly surgically attached to their ear. Continue reading

Como Patrons, Noblemen, and Advocates:

For our year or so of existence, we’ve continually promised frequent blog posts and other related writings. I’m not a man of excuses, nor am I some sort of hoaxer, but I feel it is my absolute duty to reach out and testify as to why this promise has been unfulfilled.

TJ, Mike, and I, along with our first-rate collaborators, have submitted innumerable, lengthy blog posts to our producers and financial investors, as per compliance with our creative and distribution agreements. For those unfamiliar with such practices: the posts would’ve gone up on the site after given approval from these benefactors. Continue reading