Declaration of Dissatisfaction – Online Dating

Como misses the good old days when couples met in the back of a Honda Accord behind a diner after a syrupy, sexually-charged 3am breakfast. 1 in 3 people meet online now, and though we would like to keep it old-fashioned, Como comes to terms with what the 21st century dating game has to offer.

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PODCAST Episode 22 – Special Guest: Tom Hoff

Great friend and local celebrity, Tom Hoff joins the show for some interesting conversations regarding the South, modern dance, music, and of course, debauchery and group sex.

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The Fabulists: Orgies Wide Open

Matt and Mike show off their story telling prowess during this new Fabulists entry. This one is an introspective look into the endless intricacies of an organized, fanciful orgy. Wear your best clothes and come in with an open mind.

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Declaration of Dissatisfaction: Missing White Woman Syndrome

Como risks it all with this dicey podcast about news media and its social conventions. Relationships with Jack Jablonski, Elizabeth Smart, and Frank Lloyd Wright are soon to be shattered.

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Grab Bag Controversy: Teenage Pregnancy

Como pushes strong with a whole new segment. We dipped our hands in our in-studio bag of controversies and pulled out Teenage Pregnancy. The issue is exposed and dissected in a completely uninformed and on-the-spot fashion.

“Good luck to all the young mothers out there.”
– Como

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PODCAST Episode 18 – Dolphins?

We weren’t exactly sure what to call this episode, too much was covered. Matt takes a leisurely stroll through a Baltimore aquarium and has a revelation about social behavior halfway through a dolphin show. Mike shares his fear of the inevitable conflict with the dolphins in the future. ‘One thing leads to another’, and Mike caps it off with his recent brush up with some good ol’ full frontal male nudity. What a doozy.

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Declaration of Dissatisfaction – Facebook Statuses

TJ and Matt rip into the Facebook slaves that live off likes and comments. Get off it and listen! No one cares about your 4.0 GPA.

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