PODCAST Episode 28 – Double Dare with Bart Gallo

Faithful listener and personal friend of the show, Bart Gallo, pays Como a visit in this special guest episode. And, when we say visit, we mean join us for a recordeding in his bedroom-turned-studio.

In a heated investigation, Matt plays detective and deciphers Bart’s darkest, most repressed secrets through a game of iSpy in the makeshift recording workspace. Eventually, Bart leads the group in a detailed discussion regarding some of America’s most classic films and television programs à la 1990’s Nickelodeon, most specifically.

Expect some discussions regarding the Hardy Boys’ sexuality, the whorey-ness of The Bachelorette, and how the cartoons of the 90’s are and will forever remain completely unrivaled. Please enjoy, and join us in welcoming the famous, Bart Gallo, to Search for Como.

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PODCAST Episode 27 – I Like Your Tonic/Do You Mind If I Sit?

Matt and Mike go a bit deeper than usual on this podcast. Drunkenly, not philosophically.

The high-and-mighty social media intern tried to stop the two of them from finishing a fifth of gin, but he failed miserably and is now set to receive zero credit/compensation for his summer internship.

Anyway, Matt and Mike get a bit nostalgic and meticulously detail a past night out with the Como gang and its satellite bubs.

This is probably the least focused and directed podcast to date, and, in all honesty, it’s pretty difficult to write any sort of relevant description. The cover image for this podcast should be more than enough.

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It was a good day…

PODCAST Episode 26 – Living with Michael Gioia

Michael Gioia as Amitabh Bachchan
TJ Young as Martin Bashir
Matt Snyder as Michael Bloomberg

Bachchan details his Indian experience, Bashir inquires further, and Bloomberg limits everyone’s sodas.

But also, Mike discusses questionable parenting tips, TJ faces strong criticism for using “biggie” as a synonym for “large,” and Matt wants recognition for having not eaten McDonalds for over four and a half years.

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And, as promised, one of Como’s favorite rants. Carry on, Alex Jones:

PODCAST Episode 25 – Old Hispanic Men in Lawn Chairs

Mike returns from India and comes straight to the studio to record. Unfortunately, for the sake of a unified podcast, TJ is out for the day doing como missionary work and couldn’t join.

Despite TJ’s absence, Season 3 Episode 2 still hits hard as Mike and Matt kick it off with reflections and deliberations on Mike’s recent, controversial blog post.

Mike and Matt go on to discuss Latin grandfather swag, New York City’s filth, the L train’s superiority, arab women’s clothing, a man’s goal to visit a Denny’s in all 50 states, and even find time to weigh in on the popularity of Hawaiian shirts and what that means for our culture.


PODCAST Episode 24 – “It’s a Big Day”

Season 3, here we are. Matt and TJ meet up in Como’s newly acquired, second podcast studio to record this opener. Matt samples pretzels with the Amish, TJ can’t remember anyone’s name, and Mike’s busy celebrating his birthday in India.

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Check out the accompanying videos and links to get slammed with some more knowledge:

Anyone who listens to our podcast likes getting lectured, so check this one out!

One of the many Amish girls who was getting aroused by the “white men” who were watching her perform her trade.

Drama in Comodise

Because of my status as an established podcast personality for the past eight months, along with becoming a distinguished blogger after my first post several days ago, one must expect that my work has brought about an uproar of praise and infinite admiration from both fans and faithfuls, as well as even some of the toughest internet pundits.

It’d be difficult to argue otherwise. But let me explain further: it would, expectedly, be even more difficult to argue otherwise if one were to come to the studio and see the countless presents and extraordinary gifts shipped from our benevolent fans, or even those left by vacationers who have visited to go on our hands-on, in-studio tour. Continue reading

Declaration of Dissatisfaction – Online Dating

Como misses the good old days when couples met in the back of a Honda Accord behind a diner after a syrupy, sexually-charged 3am breakfast. 1 in 3 people meet online now, and though we would like to keep it old-fashioned, Como comes to terms with what the 21st century dating game has to offer.

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