PODCAST Episode 16 – Materialism

Matt and TJ talk materialism and the rush behind shoplifting. Matt ponders the pros and cons of pocketing a nice pair of shades and TJ dreads fighting the crowds on Christmas Eve. In the end, they discuss how American culture is the reason behind the rampant obsession with shopping and consumption in this country. Air Jordan’s are just Air Jordan’s.

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PODCAST Episode 9 – Fashion

Mike and Matt dive into the world of materialism. They attack the monkey-see monkey-do fashion zombies, show how one’s outer appearance tells volumes of one’s inner being, and seamlessly prove how this all relates to both healthy and damaging relationships with others through life’s journey. Everyone has internal conflict… It’s those who face it head on and embrace genuine change who ultimately reap the reward of personal understanding.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26630612/Episode%209%20-%20Fashion.mp3]

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