PODCAST Episode 27 – I Like Your Tonic/Do You Mind If I Sit?

Matt and Mike go a bit deeper than usual on this podcast. Drunkenly, not philosophically.

The high-and-mighty social media intern tried to stop the two of them from finishing a fifth of gin, but he failed miserably and is now set to receive zero credit/compensation for his summer internship.

Anyway, Matt and Mike get a bit nostalgic and meticulously detail a past night out with the Como gang and its satellite bubs.

This is probably the least focused and directed podcast to date, and, in all honesty, it’s pretty difficult to write any sort of relevant description. The cover image for this podcast should be more than enough.

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It was a good day…


PODCAST Episode 9 – Fashion

Mike and Matt dive into the world of materialism. They attack the monkey-see monkey-do fashion zombies, show how one’s outer appearance tells volumes of one’s inner being, and seamlessly prove how this all relates to both healthy and damaging relationships with others through life’s journey. Everyone has internal conflict… It’s those who face it head on and embrace genuine change who ultimately reap the reward of personal understanding.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26630612/Episode%209%20-%20Fashion.mp3]

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