PODCAST Episode 28 – Double Dare with Bart Gallo

Faithful listener and personal friend of the show, Bart Gallo, pays Como a visit in this special guest episode. And, when we say visit, we mean join us for a recordeding in his bedroom-turned-studio.

In a heated investigation, Matt plays detective and deciphers Bart’s darkest, most repressed secrets through a game of iSpy in the makeshift recording workspace. Eventually, Bart leads the group in a detailed discussion regarding some of America’s most classic films and television programs à la 1990’s Nickelodeon, most specifically.

Expect some discussions regarding the Hardy Boys’ sexuality, the whorey-ness of The Bachelorette, and how the cartoons of the 90’s are and will forever remain completely unrivaled. Please enjoy, and join us in welcoming the famous, Bart Gallo, to Search for Como.

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Como Does Sake

Just because you’re in Search for Como doesn’t mean you have to smile.

Here’s Matt with a fan at a sake bar in godknowswhere NYC.

The admirer had this to say:

“It was great seeing him, and obviously all my friends and I were completely starstruck, but at the same time it was a little uncomfortable!  He wouldn’t smile for pictures. Not even a half-smile!

And the demands he made!  He insisted that we’d scream (and I mean SCREAM) sake chants and bang on the table as hard as possible each time we’d be about to chug.

He didn’t even do it himself!  He just watched us.  He had so much control.  We all felt like his puppets, and I think that’s exactly what he wanted.  He didn’t even drink the sake…in fact, I’m pretty sure he ordered a gin and tonic.  Who does that at a sake bar? Seriously, who does that?”

As per the fan’s request, I made sure to blur out her face and cover up her name in the above image in order to protect her anonymity.

I know I’m just an intern, and I can’t really speak up and express my opinion, but if she wanted to remain anonymous, it didn’t make much sense for her to have posted this to Facebook for TJ and Mike “like” it.  But, what do I know?


Quarter-life Crisis

I can’t believe I’m already 20. The teen years are gone and will never come back. Who am I? I should probably know by now but I don’t. The string of expectations this next decade is laying on me is a little overwhelming. In less than a year, I can drink alcohol legally. At 25, I can rent a car! A whole car! Oh joy! I’m not sure if I can handle this much responsibility, it’s all too much, too soon. Whatever happened to frolicking in the streets with friends when a fire hydrant burst in the middle of summer? That never happens by the way, only on TV. Continue reading

Don’t Point at Me, Bro

If you read either of my first two blog posts on here, you’re probably thinking, “what the fuck?”

And, it’s funny you probably thought that, because I definitely thought “what the fuck” earlier today as I was scanning my Facebook news feed. Anyone who’s a fan of the podcast is more than aware of my frustration and complete disdain towards what many people continually post on Facebook. It only takes a few posts about GPA’s, or one or two new car muploads for me to get disgusted by seemingly everyone’s inherent desire to be envied, accomplished, and/or accepted, especially on the Internet. Continue reading

Grab Bag Controversy: Teenage Pregnancy

Como pushes strong with a whole new segment. We dipped our hands in our in-studio bag of controversies and pulled out Teenage Pregnancy. The issue is exposed and dissected in a completely uninformed and on-the-spot fashion.

“Good luck to all the young mothers out there.”
– Como

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Declaration of Dissatisfaction – Facebook Statuses

TJ and Matt rip into the Facebook slaves that live off likes and comments. Get off it and listen! No one cares about your 4.0 GPA.

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