Declaration of Dissatisfaction – Online Dating

Como misses the good old days when couples met in the back of a Honda Accord behind a diner after a syrupy, sexually-charged 3am breakfast. 1 in 3 people meet online now, and though we would like to keep it old-fashioned, Como comes to terms with what the 21st century dating game has to offer.

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PODCAST Episode 22 – Special Guest: Tom Hoff

Great friend and local celebrity, Tom Hoff joins the show for some interesting conversations regarding the South, modern dance, music, and of course, debauchery and group sex.

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The Fabulists: Orgies Wide Open

Matt and Mike show off their story telling prowess during this new Fabulists entry. This one is an introspective look into the endless intricacies of an organized, fanciful orgy. Wear your best clothes and come in with an open mind.

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The Fabulists – Gospel of Partying

Matt and Mike intended on recording a Declaration of Dissatisfaction on parties, but they instead became raconteurs, as they wove together clever anecdotes and sensational narratives in this new segment entitled, “The Fabulists.”


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PODCAST Episode 13 – Special Guest: Chris McGovern

Loyal listener and all-around friend of the show, Chris McGovern, joins Como before his farewell journey to Arizona.


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PODCAST Episode 12 – 2012

Search for Como comes in hot for its second season debut. Tune in for talks of sensational romanticism, cultural differences, and thorough recaps of this transition into the new year.


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