PODCAST Episode 24 – “It’s a Big Day”

Season 3, here we are. Matt and TJ meet up in Como’s newly acquired, second podcast studio to record this opener. Matt samples pretzels with the Amish, TJ can’t remember anyone’s name, and Mike’s busy celebrating his birthday in India.

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Check out the accompanying videos and links to get slammed with some more knowledge:

Anyone who listens to our podcast likes getting lectured, so check this one out!

One of the many Amish girls who was getting aroused by the “white men” who were watching her perform her trade.

Quarter-life Crisis

I can’t believe I’m already 20. The teen years are gone and will never come back. Who am I? I should probably know by now but I don’t. The string of expectations this next decade is laying on me is a little overwhelming. In less than a year, I can drink alcohol legally. At 25, I can rent a car! A whole car! Oh joy! I’m not sure if I can handle this much responsibility, it’s all too much, too soon. Whatever happened to frolicking in the streets with friends when a fire hydrant burst in the middle of summer? That never happens by the way, only on TV. Continue reading