Papa Don’t Preach: Daddy Issues for Dummies

Chris Rock said it best, “They don’t grade fathers, but if your daughter’s a stripper, you fucked up!” I could easily end this blog post on that note, but I’m feeling really jacked right now so I’ll keep the ball rolling.

How much do you know about daddy issues? I’m going to guess you know less than I do, since I’ll be able to impart you with proven research and up-to-date comprehensive analysis that only someone with accelerated knowledge of the topic can provide. To help out daddy issues victims, offenders, and general enthusiasts, I have compiled a checklist that can help any old schmuck identify daddy issue signs before getting too involved, in the hopes of preventing a dreaded altercation later on.

1.) Is she in need of constant recognition, approval, and or love?

2.) In five years has she been single for less than a month?

3.) Does she have a lot of guy friends, denounces befriending other women, or just acts like one of the guys?

4.) Is she generally fucking crazy?

5.) Does she find stripper poles and clear heel platforms appealing? Continue reading


PODCAST Episode 26 – Living with Michael Gioia

Michael Gioia as Amitabh Bachchan
TJ Young as Martin Bashir
Matt Snyder as Michael Bloomberg

Bachchan details his Indian experience, Bashir inquires further, and Bloomberg limits everyone’s sodas.

But also, Mike discusses questionable parenting tips, TJ faces strong criticism for using “biggie” as a synonym for “large,” and Matt wants recognition for having not eaten McDonalds for over four and a half years.

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And, as promised, one of Como’s favorite rants. Carry on, Alex Jones:

Matt Lights up the L

Spotted: Como virtuoso, Matt Snyder, racing down the steps to find solace in the L train.

A warm thank you to our dear fan, Jennifer, for sending us this piece of comorazzi, as well as this bit about the experience:

“…It was so amazing seeing one of the Como guys in person.  Matt was just as haughty as I’ve always imagined.  He was dressed in a ton of plaid too, which made me a bit uneasy! I even asked him about it, just jokingly, which I guess Matt took as some sort of insult. He responded by saying, ‘Too much plaid is better than no plaid,’ and then ran down those steps to the train.  It was as if he were feigning for the L train, I don’t know really.  I still don’t understand why he and Mike were so quick to put down New York’s subways, yet praise the L on the most recent podcast. Sometimes it’s better to just be kept guessing, I suppose…”

She’s referring to PODCAST Episode 25 – Old Hispanic Men in Lawn Chairs, but anyway, thanks Jennifer for the email!

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Hipster-Professionals, Google’s “Project Glass,” and Monsieur Gayno

I’ve spoken personally to nearly all of the hundreds of thousands of you so I know that we are all on the same page on this one…

We don’t like this guy.

Not even a little bit.

But that’s not really my intention in writing this. I write to confess my more intensified disapproval of guys like this:

This guy is just one example of the many conceited, moderately-eco-educated, self-identifying intellects who, when out in adult-type social settings, take delight in breaking eye-contact with their average, “throw-away” dates just to sip on their pomegranate sangrias, as they look down at their outfits and mistakenly admire the style of whoever designed Urban Outfitter’s latest catalogue as that of their own.

This is the same guy who gets off to telling people that he works in a very competitive, creative industry.  The same guy who can’t contain himself as the Whole Foods cashier rings up his groceries, because he knows that as soon as he gets outside he can watch himself drink his coconut water as he walks past the giant row of reflective glass windows that line the store.  The same guy who thinks he’s the wild one Sia is referring to in her featured single “Wild Ones” with Flo Rida, to which this hipster-professional secretly rejoices listening when it ironically sneaks some playtime amongst a playlist of more alternative tracks.

“Now, why Matt, why go after the hipster-professional?” Continue reading

A Message from Como’s Social Media Intern

Hello Como Community,

You may have been reluctant to read this post because it’s not written by one of the well-known and acclaimed Como ‘big three’ members: Matt, Mike, and TJ.

I’m happy you did, though, as I would like to introduce myself as Search for Como’s social media intern.  From now on, expect me to post blog updates of the crew’s activity, as well as fan-submitted photos of and with the members of Search for Como.

Having said that, if you have any photos of or with any member of Como, or have anything to share that relates to the group’s podcasts, blogs, or general demeanor, then please send it over to, and if it’s worth sharing to the general public, I’ll be sure to do so.

I’ll leave you with this comorazzi shot someone emailed in earlier today.

Here’s Michael Gioia living by his word from his previous post, “Like, He’s So Mysterious… I Think I Wanna Bang Him.

His #2 Tip to Swoon the Ladies: Build A Candle Collection – “This one is simple. Go out to Bed Bath and Beyond or anywhere that sells Yankee Candles and purchase the big glass jars of both, ‘Midsummer’s Night’ and ‘Mountain Lodge.'”


PODCAST Episode 25 – Old Hispanic Men in Lawn Chairs

Mike returns from India and comes straight to the studio to record. Unfortunately, for the sake of a unified podcast, TJ is out for the day doing como missionary work and couldn’t join.

Despite TJ’s absence, Season 3 Episode 2 still hits hard as Mike and Matt kick it off with reflections and deliberations on Mike’s recent, controversial blog post.

Mike and Matt go on to discuss Latin grandfather swag, New York City’s filth, the L train’s superiority, arab women’s clothing, a man’s goal to visit a Denny’s in all 50 states, and even find time to weigh in on the popularity of Hawaiian shirts and what that means for our culture.


Independence from Ignorance Day: July 4th, 2012

Don’t try explaining to @kclovesya @LucasDargis or @VanSummers that they are assholes, because they simply won’t understand what you mean. They are the kind of people that lack any basic individualistic capacity, so they lurch onto the nearest source of life and suck the blood dry from the vein of creative integrity and honesty. They lack any basis of originality. They are the kind of people that will hear a joke, and then retell it with false ownership. The worst part is – they are ignorant and misinformed. Let me try to recreate @LucasDargis’ thought process before confidently posting what now makes him look like a complete moron: Continue reading