Forest Boy: Revealed

Comosapiens, it’s time we got real with you. You could consult other publications that are covering the ‘Forest Boy’ story – the tale of a young man, who has resurfaced in Berlin after an alleged five year stint in the woods, but you’d simply be getting lied to. ‘News and Media’ sources are going to pitch you the story just like they told you we landed a man on the moon. They will place Forest Boy next to Ben Franklin’s discovery of fluid electrical currents in all our children’s history books. It’s simply not fair, and it is time we told you some of the truth, at least what we think you can handle.

It is important we get the word out before Time Magazine places Forest Boy on the cover of their next issue, or before the elite nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize, which will surely happen – it’s only a matter of time. Forest Boy’s name is not Ray, the name they’ve given him in place of his birth name, which we truly know to be Claude Brand. They haven’t been able to identify his age or match his DNA with any missing persons in their Interpol, because he was never missing in the first place, and his age, well that’s confidential. Claude has been working with an ‘organization’, a top-secret organization, that we do not currently have the ability to disclose at this time. He was an accountant for that organization, a simple button-pusher, but one of the best and brightest minds of that department.

The only bit of truth Claude is telling the newspapers is that his mother died in a car accident when he was twelve. This traumatic experience left him alone and on the street at a crucial time in his life. He was picked up by a man, whom we will call his ‘Mentor’ and from there the rest is history. We don’t know whether Claude escaped to flee from the organization, or that the organization found no proper use for him and deemed him obsolete. We have wanted to get a hold of Claude since the Germans picked him up, but he is heavily guarded and under a great deal of surveillance. The next time you read an article that tells you, “There are many question marks” you must challenge that status quo, and start asking the tough questions. This is reality, Como Nation.




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