Como vs. Yahoo

Yahoo News is undoubtedly the NY Post to Google News’ NY Times. I mean this in an ambivalent way, because it is easy to condemn Yahoo News for producing preposterous material like, “The Eight Outfits Men Love On Women” or how they make a headline out of D’Angelo’s reappearance on-stage after twelve years of who knows what. Even so, they still are able to dish out some gems like detailed accounts of the ‘Shotgun Mother’ and their belated vilification of distracted driving – laughable, because the issue has been around for a pretty long time now. It’s really just a search engine tabloid. The Yahoo News-feed gives you thirty five stories to flip through, which you must certainly choose at your own risk. A few of the articles are real bummers, and don’t live up to the sensational hook they pitch you. For example, I went to Anne Harding’s riveting and ever-so important treatise on the “Best and Worst Hotdogs” and found the list to be highly deplorable. We get it Anne. You want us to buy tofu hotdogs and make us hate every minute of our meals, because we took your moronic advice and look where it got us. Shame on you, Anne Harding. I’ll never cite you as a credible source on meat at a cocktail party ever again. Don’t get fooled like I did, make sure you are vigilant about which Yahoo articles you decide to make life choices with, and denounce Anne Harding as a believable pundit of pith, provender, or poultry.

Now that I’ve decimated Anne’s journalism career, and disrespected Yahoo News’ credibility, I want to move into how Como has outperformed Yahoo in every way, shape, and form. Yahoo knew about Como before Como became an initial public offering stock. Yahoo wanted a huge chunk in our shares, and said they would take the vision of Como to better serve the good of the public. Their argument was that Como, on its own, with only Matt, Mike, and TJ, would never take-off and reach the wide ranging audience they proposed they could reach. Well, with our innumerable readership and listener fan base, the countless number of fans, and our strong board of directors, we have clearly proved Yahoo wrong and continue to wipe our dirty jock straps in their face. Even if they obtained “Como” they would never fully possess Como. Como is a belief, a standard, a moral premise that cannot be bought, sold, or shared. We’ve beaten the man, just like you will help us beat Anne Harding. Keep reading, the fun has just begun.




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