Drama in Comodise

Because of my status as an established podcast personality for the past eight months, along with becoming a distinguished blogger after my first post several days ago, one must expect that my work has brought about an uproar of praise and infinite admiration from both fans and faithfuls, as well as even some of the toughest internet pundits.

It’d be difficult to argue otherwise. But let me explain further: it would, expectedly, be even more difficult to argue otherwise if one were to come to the studio and see the countless presents and extraordinary gifts shipped from our benevolent fans, or even those left by vacationers who have visited to go on our hands-on, in-studio tour.

For example, most recently, Mason, a dear friend of Como, and our newly hired legal advisor, was surprised when he discovered a custom-made, tri-headed, half-man-half-dolphin stuffed animal, which incorporated the faces of TJ, Mike, and myself (a reference to ‘Podcast Episode 18 – Dolphins?’). Unfortunately, none of the “core Como” members were there to personally receive the present, as Mike is still ‘on business’ in India, and TJ and I were leading a conference on Offshore Software Development in Houston.

In any event, I’m not writing this for everyone out there to jump on board and start sucking our dicks as quickly as some other fans have. I’m writing, however, to call attention to something that many of you would never assume to be true.

As you all know, Como was created as a means to connect openly, and, more importantly, honestly, with our audience. With that being said, I write to inform you that, apparently, a rival podcasting trio has recently called us out for being overly sought-after, acclaimed, and even ‘too edgy.’

Again, this should all be considered with the adverb “apparently” in mind, as TJ and I are still in Houston (fun time – hopefully, we’ll have our intern edit together a conference recap video) and have only had access to email. We’ll investigate the issue further and hopefully I’ll come back with news about a podcast-off or something of the sort.

Stay tuned, and good luck,




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